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About Us

All Deluxe Skincare treatments are skin improvement and totally personalized. Powerful skin - enhancing treatments, a medium to deep treatment for correcting uneven skin structure, wrinkles, smoker's skin and irregular pigmentation.  We offer skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.   We offer you manual treatments or we use our beauty and medical equipment or the combination of these.   There's also a range of relaxation treatments but always skin improvement.   You can choose from a range of products,  a medical line, dermacosmetics or classic beauty products.   We only use high level quality skincare products in our customized treatments.  Prices indicated are  for one treatment.  In course of treatment bases on weekly or monthly appointments you can contact us for special prices where we offer you a discount.  Promotions or discounts on temperary different treatments, which we'll offer you monthly, will be posted online separately.
Our Deluxe Skincare team welcomes you in our relaxed, friendly and professional skincare clinic.
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Dumortierlaan 39 8300 Knokke-heist
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